Princess V39 2013 (Nordav testboat)

with River 350 XR 9.9 hk

Summer Fun 365 9.9 hk

grand rib 300 9.9 hk

Seadoo rxt 260 rs 450KG


Fully compatible with the nordav davit swivel system

See how our customers are complementing their boats with our NoDav - davit swivel system. Dock/undock in around a minute, without hassle. There's no simpler solution for bringing your Jetski, dinghy or accessories on your swimplatform like the NorDav.

Are you looking for a better way to bring your jetski/dinghy on your boat?

Flexible, secure, Fast and simple

Check out the NorDav Davit swivel system, for questions in relation to compatiblity, installation and more please get in touch.

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